Abercrombie and Kent 100 Club

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Abercrombie & Kent is a trusted partner of Brownell. We often rely on their vast network of offices throughout the world to help us look after our clients. A&K has 50 offices in more than 40 countries. We have long standing, personal relationships with the managing directors of each.  Our travel advisor’s extensive understanding of A&Ks planning services and itineraries, we work with the A&K staff to ensure your journey is tailored to you at the greatest possible value.

More Value of Booking A&K with Brownell

✔️ Reduced Marco Polo Memberships
✔️ Priority Waitlist Clearance
✔️ Advance Notice of Special Offers, Promotions and Discounts
✔️ Priority Mailing of A&K Brochures

A&K 100 Club Benefits

Menzies Luxe Retreats is a member of the Abercrombie and Kent 100 Club; it is a by-invitation-only program limited to just a handful of elite travel firms. As A&K 100 Club Members, we have the opportunity to extend a few special benefits to our clients travelling with A&K on a private journey, tour, or extreme adventure. Beyond the benefits, our 100 Club Membership, and position on the A&K Advisory Board, gives us a direct line to the executive management of the company. We have decades long relationhips working with Abercrombie and Kent and thus can provide expert advice and direction no matter where you want your itinerary to take you.