Frequently Asked Questions

Do you recommend travel insurance?

I always recommend the consideration of travel insurance, especially in these very uncertain times with regularly changing guidelines! The insurance that suits your particular situation depends entirely on the type of travel, who is going, when, and critically what the cancellation and refund policies are. Brownell Travel has a dedicated insurance expert on staff with decades of experience working with travel insurance policies. My clients have the opportunity to utilize her expertise to meet their specific needs.

Can you assist with Booking Air?

Yes. There are additional fees associated with this service, but Brownell Travel also has a dedicated team of air professionals. These folks are all air, all the time experts offering proactive monitoring and assistance during travel for delays or cancellations. This service is particularly useful when traveling internationally or have elaborate connecting routes where in you need expert knowledge to optimize your flight routes and preferred premium seating. 

Why not just book travel on my own?

See debunking travel advisor myths. Menzies Luxe Retreats clients appreciate value over cost, and place a premium value on their time – both the time it takes to actually plan and execute on a travel itinerary, and the actual scarce free time we do have to roam about the world. You can’t “re-do” your vacation the following week if you decide that you would have preferred a different location, different hotel, different room, restaurant, or experience.  Our services ensure that everything is seamlessly designed and done right the first time.

I already know my dates and locations for travel, can you add value?

Absolutely! As you can review on my Partners page, this is one of the most clear cut ways that your relationship with Menzies Luxe Retreats can quantifiably save you money and enhance your experience. Most partners offer breakfast credits, a resort credit, priority for upgrades as well as check in and check out times. This represents baseline value. Beyond that, my personal relationships with luxury hoteliers inspire them to treat my clients like gold. Birthday, anniversary, just a much needed girls weekend or getaway from the kids? Nothing makes my partners happier than creating custom surprise and delight moments to truly take my clients’ experience to the next level. This is their passion.

What happens if something goes wrong while I am traveling?

I am always present behind the scenes communicating with suppliers, so you can reach out to me at any point. I am happy to step in and rectify as much as I am able. 

Do you book VRBOs and AirBnBs?

No, we do not. The quality and reliability of management of these private home rentals can not be guaranteed. We do however have valued partnerships that offer us access to highly vetted private homes and villas worldwide. For most of these, the consumer would never have access to by a web search. This varies by location, please inquire!

What can I tell you that will help craft the perfect retreat?

Absolutely anything that you can share about past travel experiences, both the good and the bad, allows me to get to know your personal travel style and goals more accurately. This can happen over email, a client intake form, or a Discover More conversation. Whatever details, however small and specific, can be an enormous help in tailoring a travel experience that is unique to your needs and desires. 

Connect with Christy

TRUTH: Our travel planning process is entirely bespoke and can range from low touch (<direct hotel booking service>) to remarkably high touch. If you genuinely enjoy researching and planning and have that luxury of time, consider us a team member. If you would rather cherry pick aspects you enjoy (you’re a foodie!) and hand others over to us (but have no idea where to begin finding a stellar tour guide in Lisbon), we can do that, too. 

I won’t have the same experience if I don’t do all the planning myself.

Myth #3

TRUTH: You sure can, and lose many nights of sleep in the process searching for advice that is neither curated nor vetted with your personal tastes in mind. Menzies Luxe Retreats clients appreciate our role as a trusted advisor. One whose industry knowledge, global relationships, and personal experience add exceptional value. We are consultative, and we collaborate. We love to hear about an article you may have read or where a neighbor honeymooned 20 years ago. You can lean on us to both validate your own research, but also to offer insightful recommendations to ensure your trip delivers on your personal interests, budget and dreams.

I can research all my travel questions on the internet.

Myth #2

TRUTH: A seasoned luxury traveler knows that if they book a 4-5* hotel room on their own or (gasp!) with a discount hotel aggregator such as hotwire or expedia, they are leaving value on the table. Not only do we have access to the same (and at times superior) pricing than available online, but our partners offer exclusive VIP benefits, amenities, upgrades, and special perks (dairy-free dessert waiting in your room for your lactose intolerant child), that you can't get on your own. Our clients are not merely an assigned number on daily arrivals spreadsheet. They are recognized. They are elevated. They are VIP.

Using an advisor makes a trip more expensive.

Myth #1

Debunking common travel advisor myths