We take a collaborative approach to travel planning to tailor a travel experience to your needs. 

This just might be my favorite part. You return home from your trip, and I will check in with you again to hear all about it! Feedback of all kinds: positive, negative, specific kudos for outstanding employees or guides is so very valuable. I record what knocked your socks off or you could have done without, and from there have an even better knowledge base to collaborate on your next adventure.

A referral is the greatest compliment I can possibly receive. If you were satisfied, or better yet impressed, with my services, I would greatly appreciate if you share your experience with your family, friends, and colleagues.


Ciao! Bon Voyage! Adios! All of the upfront work is done, and now it is time for you to make memories! I always VIP my clients pre-arrival by reconfirming reservations, any special occasions, and any additional perks just before you depart. Should anything not go as planned, I am always available behind the scenes to ensure that any unexpected bumps are swiftly remedied. 


Once we have decided on the perfect itinerary for you, I will begin the booking process. I will advise you up front of deposits due, deadlines, cancellation policies, etc. Where applicable, I will check several different sources to ensure you are receiving the best value. We will discuss all the additional details depending on the level of services you require – transportation, insurance, concierge level services, etc. 


I will consider several different options that I think will be best based on our Discover conversation. This is where I gather relevant pros/cons and pricing to present to you, and we narrow in on our choice from there. I always welcome questions or new ideas, and if you have a specific location or accommodation you want me to vet, please let know. My process is as collaborative as you want or need it to be.


Let’s dream about travel together. This initial consultation, ideally by phone, allows me to get to know you as a traveler. What makes you swoon and what makes you tick? We will also extensively cover the WHY behind your trip motivation. The more details you share with me about what is important to you and your past experiences, the better I can tailor this travel experience to suit your needs.


From $150 — You have a season in mind, say summer, and you know you want to go to a Caribbean island, but it’s been a minute. For our destination research and booking clients, we take out the guesswork. After our complimentary discovery call, I will take into account your must haves and budget to create a proposal of at minimum 3 destinations for your consideration. 

destination research and booking

Direct hotel bookings for Preferred Partner or Virtuoso affiliated hotels are complimentary. That’s right, if you know where you want to go and when, but appreciate the value of a free five* a la carte breakfast and a spa credit, this is for you.

direct hotel bookings

Our long list of travel partners, would make even the most discerning luxury traveler green with envy. Unfurrow that brow, because as a client of Menzies Luxe Retreats, your status is automatically elevated to VIP. 

We are a fee for service travel advisor.

Customized Services

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(Travel between December 20 - Jan 5) The “most wonderful time of the year” is also the busiest travel time of the year. Planning travel during this week presents unique challenges and is ALWAYS more time consuming. In order to provide all of our clients with the appropriate level of service, proposals requested after Labor Day will incur a 50% increase in fees due to increased demand and limited availability. We LOVE a go-getter, and Menzies Luxe Retreats highly recommends planning festive travel 9+ months in advance. Get in touch HERE.

Festive travel:

Each travelers itinerary and travel investment is unique. As we navigate this new normal of international travel, insurance has become increasingly valuable. Menzies Luxe Retreats clients have access to insurance professionals via Brownell Travel that are available to answer all the questions specific to your personal travel and unique situation. Flat fee of $35 which provides access to our desk's expert advice, a personalized quote, and processing of the policy.


We want our clients to have expert, up-to-date advice when purchasing airline tickets and 24-hour, proactive monitoring and assistance during travel for delays or cancellations. These services are invaluable for getting the best schedules, business and first class experience and pricing, and support while en route, most especially for international travel or more complex routes. Brownell has a dedicated team of air professionals that can provide this white glove service. There are additional fees for these services: typically $50 per person domestic, Caribbean, and Mexico and $125 per person for an international ticket. Fees capped at 4 for families travelling together. 

We also have relationships with the finest private air providers. Inquire for more details! 


Additional Services

From $350 Contact Menzies Luxe Retreats directly as our fees are based on destination, length of trip, and number of travelers.  

This traveler is looking for a highly personalized planning service. The process will take many hours of research and planning (for us - not you!). Our unique destination knowledge, network of travel partners across the world, and preferred partner relationships ensure that we are selecting the best experiences and the best values for our clients. These professional fees allow us to provide the quality of service that you deserve while providing the very best return on this investment of your time and money.

Bespoke Trip Consultation 

- Ashley

"I have truly enjoyed working with Christy. She has great ideas and recommendations. I have recommended her to many of my family members and friends. "

- claire

Christy is a breeze to work with no matter how big or small the trip ahead. She brings insider expertise to small, but important details. Highly recommend!"

- jasmine

"Christy takes the time to know your family and preferences ensuring a wonderful trip. All meals and activities fit us perfectly."

- laura

"Christy was knowledgeable, responsive and handled all the details. She planned an amazing family trip to Disney. Incredible memories for our crew. Would not have changed a thing."

- sue

"Working with Christy Menzies was amazing! She is a true gem in the travel industry. Amazing insider knowledge of luxury resorts and flawless planning of the trip."