It was clear there was a need, especially in the realm of family travel, for someone with relevant travel experience to share their knowledge and insider intelligence to improve people’s travel experiences. This applies whether we are constructing a bespoke multi-country sabbatical or simply nailing the location that offers all the appropriate amenities for a school break on the beach. Because she is regularly obtaining the first-hand experience, very often with 4 children in tow, you can rely on her reviews and suggestions. 

As an avid lifetime traveler, Christy was one to painstakingly pour over the details on her own. She then found herself regularly sharing itineraries with friends, family, and colleagues to help them streamline their own planning process. 

Why work with Menzies Luxe Retreats?

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We pay CPAs, financial advisors, lawyers, private coaches, and personal trainers.  Executing a plan from an idea takes work and time; let’s strategize together and make the process fun. There is so very much to gain from a wonderfully crafted travel experience with those you love the most.

We want to be your trusted advisor, your go to when you have thoughts, questions, or dreams about a destination.

Menzies Luxe Retreats has an entirely different approach to travel planning. 

Connect with Christy

She worked in sales on a trading floor for several banks for 10 years. Here she fine tuned her analytical problem solving skills as well as relationship management IQ and understands the importance of defining each client’s unique proposition, and meeting their needs. She now has 4 children from ages 1-7 years old and resides just outside of New York City in Darien, CT where she is exists in a perpetual state of planning her family’s next adventure.

Christy (Paluf) Menzies was born in the Midwest and spent what now equates to the first half of her life in Cleveland, OH. Her most treasured memories growing up were her family road trips to the south for spring break. These were highly anticipated and unforgettable. Her competitive nature brought her to Yale University where she was captain of the volleyball team. She used this time as a springboard to truly get out and see the world for the first time studying abroad for a semester in Barcelona. Multiple milestone trips later from all across Europe to New Zealand, Australia, and throughout North America, it was apparent Christy was a travel lover for life. 

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